Peruse the exquisite collection of alcoholic beverages from all across Eorzea here at the club

Our Drinks

All of the alcoholic beverages located here at Club Babylon are crafted with one idea in mind: make the patron’s head explode with excitement. 

Our menu features drinks procured from all over Eorzea, as well as our Club Babylon specialties.

Tequila Boom Boom

The Club Babylon specialty is the Tequila Boom Boom, which is sure to make your head explode! This special drink is crafted with specially procured cloud bananas, old world figs, and yak milk for a sweet and explosive array of flavor.

Price: 35,000 gil

Special notes: This drink comes with a special Magiteck bomb head which is meant to be taken right after the drink for an explosive effect!

Boogie Woodie

The Boogie Woodie is a dynamic drink created by brewing piquant apple juice mulled with zested ginger and cloves, topped off with a stick of cinnamon for an added spice. This drink is sure to make your nightclub experience all the spicier!

Price: 5,000 gil

Bosom Caresser

The Bosom Caresser is a drink that is sure to make you want to just get on the dance floor and let loose! This special drink is specially brewed here at Club Babylon using worldwide ingredients such as the rare purple carrot and pixie apples harvested from another world.

Price: 5,000 gil

Hot n Dirty

The Hot N Dirty is a drink that is sure to make you feel the heat and want to get down and dirty on the dance floor! Concocted specially with rare ingredients from all over Eorzea and beyond, reaching all the way to the Far East, this drink will be sure to energize you!

Price: 3,000 gil

Ales - Light or Dark

Club Babylon features multiple ales so you’ll be sure to find the one that will refresh you for the night! Whether it be a light ale, a dark ale, or an amber ale, our assortment of ale will make sure you enjoy the rest of the night!

Price: 2,000 gil

Body Shots

Got an Club Babylon staff member or friend here tonight that you’d like to snack on some alcohol off of their body? Our exquisite gelatin composed of  a mixture of stewed fruits is a fun alcoholic jelly that is spilled onto the person of your choice, on stage in front of everyone to witness you indulging in the snack right off their body!

Price: 2,500 gil to the mixologist, and any tip amount you’d like to the performer of your choice!

Note: If the bar is bought out, the gil to the mixologist does not need to be paid, but the tip to the performer is still available on the table for you to do!

Boner Bread

Not feeling like drinking but getting a tad bit hungry? Grab yourself one of our famous Club Babylon’s Boner Bread, baked with flour and water. Goes perfect with some alcohol!

Price: 10,000 gil


Wednesdays 9PM-1AM EST
Saturdays 9PM-1AM EST

Faerie, Goblet
Ward 15, Plot 5