Our staff at Club Babylon are all highly experienced at what they do, whether it be keeping the patrons satisfied with another round of alcohol, satisfying the gambling needs of those who find the high thrill of the game intoxicating, dancing and flaunting off their bodies, or being a master DJ, and an owner of the club.

Teddy Bearback

Founder of Club Babylon

Age: Old enough to know better, young enough to look damn good!
NSFW or SFW: Both
Role (Dom, sub, both, etc): Both.
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Catboys and Hrothgars!
Contact(s): | Discord @ Teddy Bearback#9176, or in game!
Availability: Sun-Thurs, after 6pm EST | Fri-Sat, all day (and most of the night too)!

Hello and welcome to Club Babylon! I am the owner of this fine establishment dedicated to the members of our LGBTQIA+ community. However, with that being said, though Babylon is technically a gay club its an everybody's club! I just moved here to Faerie just a short while ago and have quickly got the club built and are just about ready to open. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the club and want to express how happy I am to have become a part of such a great and welcoming community!

Ben Dover’boss

Security and BDSM Room Owner

Age: At least 32.
Race: Hyur.
NSFW or SFW: Both.
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Must ask or look to find out.
Contact(s): or in game using either of the two characters.
Availability: Random due to RL work at the hospital; contact me for specifics.

Yo! Thanks for stopping by Club Babylon. Hope you enjoy the stay and fun we have offered. Started playing FFXIV over 4 yrs ago and had three of the servers called main home up to now. In RL, both these characters are an alter ego of myself, so when you're with them you're with the real me. I'm a caretaker in a way and a brother to two sisters and uncle to 7 kids from one sister. I am also writing a story as well for fun. I care about me friends and don't care about ppl who hurt them or betray me or my friends. I usually can be found on BDJay running dungeons. Need help? He's a well geared tank and closing in on being 80 on the other jobs. Plans on making the gathering and crafting jobs 80 afterwards as well as collect the emotes, mounts, and minions. I can help where needed. My dom side is attentive and stern but he will make sure you are well taken care of. Ever curious? Try me!

Lightwarden Prostasia

Courtesan / Security

Age: 23
Race: Sin Eater / Au'Ra NSFW or SFW: Mostly SFW... but for the right man...
Role (Dom, sub, both, etc): Sub
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Au'Ras
Contact(s): Same name in game!
Availability: If I'm on I'm around!

Hey! I can't wait to meet all of you! If you're ever feeling lonely in-game you know who to call!

Zofia Hari


Age: 25
Race: Viera
Role (Dom, sub, both, etc): Switch
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Au'Ra men and Viera girls
Contact(s): Bunnie Thot#9263 on discord
Availability: I will answer DMs anytime, but if you want to talk to talk in game I am usually on at night.

Hi, I am Bunnie Thot. I am very flirty and love to talk about anime and video games. I love taking pictures and hanging out with friends! I, also, love to dress cute!
SWF - Please keep it suitable for work.

James Desjardins


Age: 32
Race: Miqo'te
Role (Dom, sub, both, etc): Sub
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Being tied, blindfolded, spanked.
Contact(s): In game
Availability: Available to chat whenever I’m online

I’m a bisexual girl roleplaying as a guy (so please, treat me like a male, thanks) that loves talking about video game and helping others by listening. I can be a bit flirty once I get to know the person’s personality. I also speak French, alors si t’as besoin de parler, je suis dispo!
SFW - Please keep it suitable for work.

Axiom Zionica


Age: 39
Race: Miqo'te
Role (Dom, sub, both, etc): Both
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Firey nights, glam changes, fun and games, fireworks, tail play,
Contact(s): In game
Availability: Available to chat whenever I’m online

I'm a straight guy roleplaying a female Miqo'te, love glamour and chat, and like to have a fun time! I like to be flirty occasionally, and apparently have a knack for attracting trolls, so be must be vigilant!
SFW - Please keep it suitable for work.

Argon Vesher

Security and miscellaneous misdeeds

Age: 53
Race: Au'Ra
Role (Dom, sub, both, etc): Both
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Yes.
Contact(s): argonvesher#4921 on Discord, Argon Vesher on Aether / Jenova if there are immediate security concerns
Availability: In game or on Discord for pressing issues, if I'm around I will respond.

"Don't do anything stupid, even if you don't think I'm around because you will be punished."
Otherwise, hi all! I'm fun, flirty and fierce. I'll be watching you.
SFW - Please keep it suitable for work.

Raelyn Vette

Age: 30
Race: Miqo'te
Role (Dom, sub, both, etc): Switch
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Rae is accepting lovers of all kinds! Any body, any gender, any race. Bisexual and Switch in all respects! Most kinks are more than welcome!
Contact(s): In game tell, invite me to party, discord available upon request!
Availability: Ask me when I'm online, I'm happy to accommodate your schedule!

I've never done this before Daddy, you'll be gentle won't you? Raelyn is a playful little kitten, poised to pounce! Good kitties needs to be trained, restrained, mounted, and bred! She'll be your baby girl and your big sister; your slut and your senpai; your brat, your bitch, she'll scratch your itch. Shower her with affection and she'll be your pet. Rest your tired head in her lap and she'll soothe away your day. She lives to serve and does what she's told, but deserves to be punished when she misbehaves. Watch your mouth or she'll put you in your place, pin you down and sit on your face. Take her and make her your plaything, use her until she breaks. Give it up to her and she'll give you much more than you bargained for. She's yours, your dream, your everything in between, your goddess, your whore, your one night stand & paramour.

Toragar Mizuki

Age: 21
Race: Hrothgar
Role (Dom, sub, both, etc): Dom
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Tittie sucking, butt sniffing mostly hroth butt, cockvore, feet suckling. I'm into male roes, cute catboys, and hrothgar (as for the cockvore fetish, please let me know if you're not into it, or any kind of vore. Please let me know and we will not include it in our ERP sessions)
Contact(s): In game or discord at Toragar Mizuki#4249
Availability: Mon-Fri except on weekends. I may be busy with other stuff but feel free to reach out to me!

Hello my name is Toragar but you can call me torg as that's my alts name or tor is fine to! im a kind, gentle sweet strawberry and very cute too and handsome im a gay hrothy who loves to play and have fun with people im very ticklish to! i love to cuddle and give lots of hugs. i love to care for the good people i work with and the guest as well careful tho if you boop me you will get a kiss and a lick on the snoot UwU im a adorable pink boy im also single and ready to mingle OwO<3! pls be gentle with me ok!

Riley Caramel

Age: 22
Race: Miqo'te
Role (Dom, sub, both, etc): Switch
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Size queen and may leave bite marks.
Contact(s): Send tell or invite to party.
Availability: Best reached through discord as Riley is an alt.

The embodiment of :3c, Riley is exactly the kind of girl you'd invite over for a good, cheery, and exciting time. Innuendos are practically her second language, and following up on them is only natural to her. She loves to tease and can be quite direct; if she thinks you're cute, she'll tell you, and she never misses an opportunity to make a friend (or more).
"Show me yours and I'll show you mine~."

Akemi Kitsune

Age: I'm feelin' 22
Race: Miqo'te
Role (Dom, sub, both, etc): Sub
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Your average bratty, submissive slave kitten
Contact(s): Akemi Kitsune#0397
Availability: Discord is open to DMs, if asked! Usually around in the evenings.

Very bubbly, outgoing little kitten, who enjoys a good head pat once and awhile. Flirtatious, Social butterfly at her finest! "Positive energy and attitude is sexy to me."
SFW with a hint of naughtiness.

Akihiro “Hiro” Kujo

Age: 29
Race: Au'Ra
Role (Dom, sub, both, etc): Dom (but sub if you manage to tame me).
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Yes and yes - I'll try anything twice.
Contact(s): HMU on discord or in-game
Availability: DM when you see me online.

I'm a professional flirt, and I'm good at what I do. Here to give you exactly what you need, though an offering of wine or liquor goes a long way. Straight, Queer, or otherwise, whether your needs require a gentle romance or demand a firmer hand - rest assured, you've come to the right place
NSFW and SFW - Please Respect This Employees Limitations!

Dawn Lion’storm

Age: 28
Race: Male Miqo'te (sometimes female~)
Role (Dom, sub, both, etc): Sub
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Mostly praise kink/pet play and size difference, but feel free to ask~
Contact(s): Send me a tell in game or message me on discord and I’ll get back to ya when I can~
Availability: Message me whenever you want and I’ll get back ya when I can~ in game RP is usually during Babylon hours though.

Hey there, I’m Dawn!~ Just a bi/pansexual, genderfluid nerd who likes to make new friends. Usually a male, but may sometimes be female if I feel like changing it up~. Need a buddy to just sit and chat with to talk about your day and have drinks, or feeling frisky and want to have a little fun? I’m your man~
“You’ll always find a friend in me~”
NSFW and SFW - Please Respect This Employees Limitations!

Moondi Bearback

Age: Old enough to handle alcohol; young enough to get down, let loose, and have some fun!
Race: Hrothgar
Role (Dom, sub, both, etc): Both 😉
Kinks and/or Fetishes: I'm down to try anything once and if I like it, maybe twice~
Contact(s): Send me a tell in game at Moondi Bearback@Midgardsormr or discord me at Harwynn#0318.
Availability: I'm always here during club hours, Wednesdays and Mondays from 9PM-1AM EST!

Hey there folks! The name's Moondi and I'm your mixologist here at Club Babylon! Want any drinks, snacks, or maybe someone to talk to, then I'm your man! I love everyone and I don't bite (don't be scared of my fangs!), so feel free to come on over and chitchat a bit! I'm a big gay Hrothy who likes meeting new people and socializing, and I'm down to try just about anything once!

Manolru Eryuta | Rajjika Eryuta

Age: 36
Role (Dom, sub, both, etc): Switch with a Sub lean
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Wouldn't you like to know ^.-
Contact(s): In-game or Discord @ Eryuta Familly (Jan)#7699
Availability: Up in the air, as my life falls as feather, it might be best to check with me on discord then hope that I'm in game.

ManoIru is the head of the Eryuta family.
Rajjika is the older of a set of twins and one of the two Cat girls.
❤️ I'm the goofer, the yes man, what ever I can do to help Babylon and more people come to it, I will do!... be it from greeting you at the door, to hitting the streets old school town courier style. So, if you see me on a night we are open send a dote and know I'm doing my job ^.- ❤️

Varri Ebonheart

Age: 120
Race: Viera / Rava

Contact(s): Send me a tell in game!
Availability: I'm always here during club hours, Wednesdays and Mondays!

Hey there! I'm Varri, Club Babylon's resident photographer! I'm a guide, a storyteller, and a treasure hunter. My numerous tattoos and scares weave a tapestry of stories and adventures. I'm always ready for any sort of adventure! When I'm not out and about adventuring, I'm at Club Babylon taking photographs to tell stories about the nightclub.
It's nice to meet you!


Wednesdays 9PM-1AM EST
Saturdays 9PM-1AM EST

Faerie, Goblet
Ward 15, Plot 5